What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy reading a good novel (see my favorite authors) and watching a good movie (like Bleak House on Masterpiece Theater, for example). I enjoy wholesome movies (like The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Narnia), but I especially like period movies based on classic literature. On TV, I mostly watch Masterpiece Theater (when they are actually showing clean masterpieces), true crime shows, and political commentary on Fox News.

I exercise six days out of the week. I alternate between running and moderate weight lifting. After a long day of sitting (necessary in my line of work), exercise is a must to stay in good health. It’s also great for clearing the head and encouraging meditation on spiritual truths or on the current plot-in-progress. I love going for long walks or hikes on the north woods forest paths near my house. I truly love the outdoors when the weather permits.

I enjoy playing Myst Uru, a popular computer puzzle game, with my daughters. I confess though that I devote little of my life to such time wasters (though enjoyable they may be). I like to tinker on the piano (I play by ear).

Favorite music? I mostly enjoy sacred choral music (Cambridge Singers, King’s Singers, boy choirs), music in the New Age category (Vangelis, Enya, Tim Janis), solo piano (George Winston, Danny Wright), select classical crossover (Josh Groban and Charlotte Church), and movie/musical soundtracks. My all-time favorite movie soundtrack is The Mission by Ennio Morricone.

Favorite food? A thick steak on the grill (medium). Grilled salmon. Shrimp scampi. Pizza (especially grilled with lots of garlic). We grill as often as we can.

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