My Street Team

The mission to take a book from an idea dancing around in my head to something you can either hold in your hands or read on a device requires much more than a one-man show. I cannot find new readers for my books by myself. This publishing mission must be a team effort. The Street Team is designed for a group of fans who are committed to coming alongside me and offering support through prayer and promotion.

The Hard Truth

Publishers expect me to sell a certain number of copies for the book to be considered “successful.” This is the hard reality of publishing. If I don’t hit certain sale expectations, I will have a hard time getting contracts for future books. How do I sell more books? By finding the right readers who will want to read and buy my books. That’s where you enter the picture.

Your Part

You are reading this note because you have expressed interest in and support for my books. You are part of the audience I am writing to, but there are readers just like you who haven’t heard about me or my books yet. I need your help finding them.

The Give and Take

As with any partnership, there’s a mutual scratching of backs. Here’s what you’ll get by being a member of my Street Team.

  • You’ll receive a free e-copy of my next novel in advance of the release date. I will occasionally hold a paperback giveaway exclusively for Street Team members.
  • You will have access to my Facebook Street Team page and find the opportunity to interact with others who share your interest in my books. This Facebook page is where the majority of the group interactions will occur. In addition, prayer, encouragement, and Q&A are all welcome.
  • You will get an insider’s look at how the writing/publishing process works. I’ll seek to keep you up to date on my writing journey, the publishing process, cover art, and future projects. Sometimes I’ll ask for your opinion on cover art and other choices I need to make. Your voice matters.

Here’s where you can scratch my back. As a member of the Street Team, I’ll ask you to do the following:

  • Post a review of my newest release (and any previous releases if you wish) on and possibly your own blog.
  • Help me spread the word about my books via Facebook, Twitter, and any other social networking sites you frequent. How does this work? I’ll pass promotional posts and publishing news along to you. Then you can pass them along to those in your circle at your discretion. Don’t worry. I won’t typically inundate you with promotional posts, though activity will certainly escalate the closer we get to release day.
  • Most importantly, please pray for my writing ministry. Yes, this is a ministry of writing. I wouldn’t be writing clean Christian suspense if I didn’t believe God had called me to write it. As a believer in Christ, I see each book as an opportunity not only to entertain but also to encourage others through a biblical message. I’m also committed to writing novels that are void of profanity, crude language, or sexuality. If you also believe in clean, meaningful Christian suspense, then we’d make a good team.

INTERESTED? Please contact me using the form below, and I’ll get in touch with you. Thank you.