Merry Christmas from the Blumers

Adam Blumer FamPeering out the window, we realize that the falling snowflakes are as numerous as God’s blessings in 2008—simply too many to count. Laura (7) and Julia (4) are growing taller and looking more like little ladies all the time. We are praying that they will learn to love the Lord more and yield their lives to Him. They continue to do well in homeschooling and enjoy making new friends at church. Laura is a veteran flower girl now after filling the role twice in the last year. She began piano lessons this fall and had her first recital last week. Julia, our little “monkey” who loves climbing on everything, is learning her letters and numbers. Each day brings new joys and discoveries. Two hamsters died this fall, but both girls moved on pretty quickly.

Kim stays busy homeschooling the girls and doing other tasks around the house, including running a part-time virtual office for Shalom Ministries. One of her big projects is planning the annual May Israel trip. There are so many details to keep track of, but Kim excels in organization and planning. In her free time, she enjoys trying new recipes and taking on decorative and gardening projects.

Adam continues to work from home as a freelance editor and writer. We never cease to be amazed at how God always brings in projects (and accompanying finances) at just the right time. Adam continues to serve as part-time managing editor at Fatal Illusions, his first suspense novel, will be released, the Lord willing, in March 2009. After several stages of revisions, Adam is looking forward to giving the book to readers.

Julia and LauraHighlights of 2008 are too numerous to list, but here are a few. In February, Grandpa Melzer brought the girls bunk beds he’d made; the girls still love them. In May, Mom and Dad Blumer stayed at a nearby campground and invited the girls over for an overnighter in their trailer. For July Fourth, we visited Mom and Dad Melzer in Milwaukee and enjoyed touring a dairy farm, swimming, and watching the girls play at several parks. In August, we attended the Blumer family reunion in Newberry, Michigan, and Adam was reunited with several aunts and uncles he hadn’t seen in years. Recently, we attended Kim’s cousin Sheri’s wedding in Milwaukee and celebrated Thanksgiving in Newberry, Michigan, with the Blumer clan. Christmas will be in Milwaukee with the Melzers.

May you enjoy a Christ-centered Christmas and New Year!

Adam, Kim, Laura, and Julia Blumer

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