The Results of the Biopsy

I wrote this yesterday from the hospital and e-mailed it to the Blumer family mailing list:

Dear family,

I am writing to you from a waiting room at the hospital. We talked to the doctor a short while ago after Dad’s biopsy. Here is what we know:

Dad does have cancer. It’s called a meninglioma. On a scale of 1 to 4 (4 being the most aggressive), Dad has a 3 and possibly a 4 (further tests will determine whether it’s a 4). They are giving him about 13 months with chemo and radiation. The doctors do not feel comfortable with removing the tumor, which is about 5 centimeters in size.

However, there is some good news. This type of cancer did not originate from anywhere else in his body, and the rest of his body (as far as tests show now) is clean. Also, this type of cancer is typically self-contained, which means it doesn’t usually spread to other parts of the body. So what he has should be all there is, and it probably won’t spread.

Our next step is to pursue the Cleveland Clinic, which treated David Porter, who had only five to seven weeks to live. They removed 95 percent of David’s softball-sized tumor (a tumor other surgeons at Mayo said couldn’t be removed). The remaining 5 percent they treated with chemo and radiation. For the last 3.5 years, David hasn’t experienced any cancer growth.

The doctor here has agreed to fax Dad’s records to the Cleveland Clinic for a consult. The doctors there should be in touch to let us know whether they can treat Dad. They use a technique called Gamma Knife, which can remove part or all of a tumor without hurting the brain. Please pray that they will accept Dad and be able to fit him into the schedule pretty quickly. If they can accept Dad, Mom and Dad will need to find a place to stay temporarily in the Cleveland area. Follow up chemo and radiation will probably be done in Iron Mountain, where Mom and Dad may be renting a house.

Please continue to pray. So many details to figure out, but God is good, and He will provide the grace for Mom and Dad through all of this. Thanks.


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2 thoughts on “The Results of the Biopsy

  1. Janet Henney

    Dear Adam,
    Please keep us informed as to the follow-up on your father. We still are at Riverdale Baptist in Flint. We have known your family for years and do care about all of you. Robin (our 3rd of 5) grew up with Andrea, Kathy & Sherri Oatley, & Chris Tiesworth. You may have known Chet. I send out the prayer chain and many still remember your family. Praying God’s will be done. Dale & Janet Henney

  2. Glynn Young

    Adam — we’ll be praying for your Dad and Mom and for your family. Our prayer is for success with the chemo and radiation, steadfastness for you, and God’s grace all over your family.

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