Note from My Dad After Brain Surgery for an “Inoperable” Tumor

Praise the Savior ye who know Him,
Who can tell how much we owe Him,
Let us gladly render to Him,
Al we have and are.

Just wanted to say to every one who has prayed written, and encouraged us so in the Lord. I am out of the hospital and just Praising the LORD.

One of our sons compared my length of hospital stay to that of an appendectomy. Our surgeon was elated with my bounce back and very elated with the success of 90% of the tumor taken with no collateral damage. So much for an inoperable tumor. Praise the LORD.

We are at Andrea’s (daughter’s) home until Thursday and she is going home with us to continue the packing.

We have set the date of March 7 for moving. God willing we will be able to hold onto Blueberry Hill (home in Newberry, Michigan) on Pike Lake and expect to spend time there this summer and at our little church in Paradise.

We give God all the glory for His mighty works for us. He is so good and greatly to be praised.

Please continue to pray as we enter chemo and radiation. Chemo is started as the Dr put 8 wafers of chemo in my brain where the tumor was removed and glued them in place. We are trusting God to continue to heal and kill the rest of the tumor cells. He is able and even gives us the trust we need.

Our heart felt thanks to each one who has lifted us before the throne of Grace. What a privilege we have to enter into the throne room of God the great and mighty King. We have had so much email and caring bridge messages, even from God’s children we do not even know.

God’s will be done,

Larry Blumer

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