May Book Giveaway: False Pretenses

False PretensesTo celebrate the upcoming release of my next novel, The Tenth Plague, I’m holding a book giveaway contest (open to residents of the US and Canada). This month I’m giving away a copy of False Pretenses by Kathy Herman. I enjoyed reading this novel, and I think you will too. Kathy Herman does a great job balancing suspense, fully developed characters, and a good spiritual message.

To participate in the contest, you must take at least one of the following steps (get an additional entry for each additional step):

1. Post about my contest at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or your blog. (Simply use the services available at the top left corner.)
2. Sign up one new (willing) person to my e-mail list. I could use help growing my list!
3. Become my fan at Goodreads, the new cool place to talk about books.
4. Leave a comment below, provide your e-mail address, and let me know the steps you’ve taken. (You must leave a comment to be entered in the contest.)

The contest runs from May 21-May 31. I will randomly select a winner from the participants and notify the winner by e-mail.

Disclaimer: I have not received any payment from either the author or the author’s publisher for doing this giveaway. The book is from my personal collection.

About False Pretenses

Zoe Broussard stands in the shade of the live oak on Main Street and surveys her beloved Louisiana hometown. Wrought-iron galleries overhang the sidewalk lined with brightly colored shops, and the smell of coffee wafts from the brasserie she and her husband Pierce own, to which folks drive all the way from Lafayette for lunch or dinner. It seems like heaven.

But it’s about to fall apart. A series of threatening, anonymous notes is making her life a misery—because Zoe has a secret so terrible it could leave the business in shambles and tear her marriage apart. Terrified by a stranger who seems to know her, Zoe must confront her past before it confronts her. Can she find the courage to do the right thing?

22 thoughts on “May Book Giveaway: False Pretenses

  1. Ann Knowles

    Adam, I tried to comment earlier and failed, so I’ll try again. I also tried to sign up for your e-mail. I’ll keep at it until I get through.

  2. Lori Mixon

    Liked you on Facebook and signed up for your newsletter. Love your last book!! Fatal Illusions – was great!!

  3. Adam Blumer

    Thank you, Lori. I’m so glad you enjoyed Fatal Illusions. The Tenth Plague is intended as a sequel to Fatal Illusions and picks up with the same main character after that story. I hope you enjoy it too.

  4. faith hope & cherrytea

    plied someone with tea and treats to sign up for your newsletter b/c i knew they love suspense, so in the end they cooperated willingly once i explained this was a ‘good thing’ for them 🙂 YaY! one more for your list..
    faithhopecherrytea at*gmail.*com {can i stop adding this now?!}

  5. faith hope & cherrytea

    Your name and giveaway w/ book and link back here to you now up at Faith Hope & Cherrytea blog – check out the r sidebar and grab a cuppa while you visit ! thx for a follow if you’re so inclined 🙂

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  7. Adam Blumer

    I am on vacation and unfortunately am experiencing very patchy Internet at my location. If the Internet cooperates, I plan to post about the winner tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

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