Yes, I’m Thankful

Thank youNote: I’m taking a brief hiatus from my series on clean speech due to Thanksgiving plans with family and related time constraints. I plan to return to the series next week. In the meantime . . .

I decided to compile a list of some of the biggest reasons for me to be thankful; that way on Thanksgiving day I’m not just stuffing my face with turkey. I’m actually approaching the occasion with a heart befitting the season.

My Wife

Kim got only a little sleep last night due to a nasty cold (of course, just in time for holiday travels) and a migraine. Yet she always keeps moving forward: getting stuff done, taking care of all of us. Whether she feels like it or not.

This past November 2 marked our sixteenth wedding anniversary. Sixteen years—how is that possible? She has put up with me and fed me and washed my clothes. Meanwhile, after she homeschools our girls, she somehow manages to work part time to help balance our budget.

I don’t know how she does it. Without her I don’t know what I would do. Thank You, God, for my wife.

My Daughters

My two girls just got a good report from the dentist—no cavities. One of the blessings of working from home is being able to see them throughout the day. Lunches and suppers are always special times for the four of us to enjoy together.

I marvel to watch my girls grow—not only in their ever-taller bodies but in their minds. In their understanding of life and of God. In their growing realization of responsibility and what makes a family work.

I also love how they visit my office, bearing gifts. Sometimes a cupcake. Sometimes an extra cup of coffee. Sometimes while I work I can hear their giggles and battle cries seep through the floor to my office below.

May God keep His hand of protection and care and blessing on my not-so-little girls. I thank You, God, for my daughters.

My Office

Every time I look around my home office, thankfulness wells up in my heart. This room used to be an old basement rec room. But during the summer of 2006, after my unexpected layoff, both my parents and my in-laws banded together with me and my wife to gut the room and make a place for me to work. Drywall, electrical wiring, new studs, paint, drop ceiling—we did it all. My father-in-law even made me beautiful oak book shelves and a matching credenza.

This is where I work every day to provide for my family of four. As I have time (which I’ve had little of lately), I also work on the next novel. Thank You, God, for this place where You’ve called me to work.

My President

This past election just about gave me an ulcer. Kim and I followed the breaking news and polls all the way to the end (maybe that explains the near ulcer). We sat down in front of my computer to watch Romney win by a landslide, only to be stunned beyond belief. All confidence in pundits and prognosticators vanished for all of time. The people voted, and God showed His will.

Our nation may not be heading in a direction that gives us much comfort, but we still live in the greatest nation on the planet. God raises up leaders, and we are commanded to submit to them and honor them. Yes, I’m thankful for my president, though I strongly disagree with many of his policies. I pray for his salvation.

My Next Novel

In the summer of 2009 I approached my first publisher with the rough draft of a novel called The Tenth Plague. I won’t bore you by detailing the rather circuitous route on which I traveled to bring this manuscript to publication. Let’s just say it wasn’t what I expected, but God is sovereign. The fact that I’m finally looking at a release date of January 15, 2013, seems surreal. A number of times I doubted this book would ever see the light of day.

But now that day is practically here. Thank You, God, for allowing this book to be published. For giving me the drive and creativity to put something like this together. It may not be a best-seller, but hey, at least it’s done. Desire accomplished is certainly sweet to the soul.


Of course, there’s one person who looks out for me more than anybody else. He’s always there: watching, encouraging, nudging, chastening. Sometimes I trick my mind into pretending that I’m here alone at my desk, working away while nobody notices. But it isn’t true. In fact, it’s lie.

God has been with me every step of the way, though I don’t always acknowledge Him and His blessings as I should. Thank You, God, for saving me and for putting something in my hand to do. It may not be glamorous. Nobody may remember me after I’m gone. But I’ll do my best at whatever You’ve called me to do. Thank You for another day of life.

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