Write for My Blog or Work on My Novel?

This is what the question has come to.

I wish I could be Superman and do all of it—write for my blog and work on my next novel—but I simply can’t do both well. That’s just the simple truth. Not with my editing schedule to pay the bills. Working on my blog frankly means less time to work on my novel, and I’m committed to finishing novel #3 this year.

So what’s gonna have to give? The blog’s gotta give.

Going forward, I plan to write an article every other week instead of every week.

I hope to continue writing insteresting content for fiction writers or lovers of Christian suspense or both. I’ve also recently updated the look of my website and recently programmed a store, showcasing some of my favorite books. Let me know what you think.

How’s the novel coming? It’s coming. Just not as quickly as I would like. I have turned the corner on some critical plot decisions I needed to make to unplug the logjam and move forward. Now it’s just a matter of adjusting the story, finishing up the ending, and starting revisions.

The Lord willing, I’ll be getting closer to a finished manuscript soon. Thanks, as always, for your support!

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