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First Time Kindle Price Reduction of this amazing true story!

Edges of TruthNote: I’m pleased to announce a special sale for a friend’s book I had the honor of editing—and a book I highly recommend.

When a baby dies from head injuries, an innocent babysitter is accused, and uncertainty forces experts to define the edges of truth.

This intensely personal story will grip your heart and challenge your faith.  It gives a vivid account of Mary Weaver, who was presumed guilty of shaking and slamming a baby to death; and one of her lawyers, Steve Brennecke, who fought to clear her name.

Dr. Ruth Ramsey calls this book “a wake-up call for anyone who is ever involved in child care.”

Reduced Kindle price June 21-26, 2014:

Friday—regular Kindle price: $7.95

Get it here at Amazon.

Companion Bible Study—Free for a Limited Time!

I Survived!I Survived! gives a personal, inside view of these five Bible characters who survived disaster: Jeremiah, Jonah, Joseph, Paul, and Job. It uses examples from the Mary Weaver story in every chapter.

These studies will help you think through questions like these:

If God is in control, why is my world a disaster?
If God hates unfairness, how should I respond to it?
If God controls everything, why doesn’t life make more sense?
If God wants me to succeed, why does he make life so hard?
If God is good, why does he allow senseless suffering?

Free Kindle book June 21-25. Buy it on those days here at Amazon.

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