Introducing Meaningful Suspense Press

In December, I received news that my current publisher of Fatal Illusions, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, had decided to give the rights back to me for the novel. This unexpected development led me on a path of having to learn the basics of self-publishing rather quickly so I could republish Fatal Illusions myself. Advice from several novelist friends led me down a road that soon became more involved than I expected, but thankfully God helped me sift through an avalanche of information and chart a workable path.

Bottom line? I am happy to report that Fatal Illusions should be released within the next few days, with me as my own publisher. Introducing Meaningful Suspense Press. Once I weighed the pros and cons of self-publishing, becoming my own publisher made sense. Plus there are a good many advantages. For example, I can have a sale whenever I choose, and of course, all profits go into my pocket, after Amazon takes its share.

Besides that, I may be doing more self-publishing down the road, which I may blog about in the future. Stay tuned for information about where this new enterprise goes next.

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