What I’m Reading: David Copperfield

What I'm ReadingI have a confession to make. I’ve probably seen more movies based on classics than classics I’ve actually read. But now I’m hoping to change that.

Recently, Audible.com featured a list of free classics for those who have downloaded the free Kindle counterparts. I capitalized on the opportunity and grabbed as many of the free classics as I could (unfortunately, not all of them on the list are still free, but some may still be).

Why did I gravitate to this list of free audio classics? For one, I love freebies. (For those of you who know me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen my “Free Kindle Book” posts. I love getting freebies, and I love sharing them.) For two, the list features a number of classics I’ve certainly heard of (Uncle Tom’s Cabin, for example), but few of them I’ve actually read. (I did get through Vanity Fair in high school but wouldn’t recommend it unless you want a sure cure for insomnia.) Sometimes an audiobook is a great way to get through a classic that may be arduous to read.

David Copperfield, Narrated by Simon Vance

David Copperfield, Narrated by Simon Vance

First on my list, which I’m listening to now, is David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. And I must say, I’m really enjoying the production. This could be partly due to the superb Masterpiece Theater movie that came out in 2000. I already had a firm grasp of the story in my head when I began reading—that always helps. In addition, Simon Vance has one of the best Dickens-sounding voices I’ve ever heard. He has the special talent of putting personality in every voice: from Mr. Murdstone (I love that name), to Peggotty, from Agnes to Uriah Heep. He makes each character come alive and makes the novel more engaging than it would be if I sat down and just started reading it. In fact, to get the most out of the experience, I’m listening to Simon read the book while I read it.

Audible Tip

Audible.comFor those who didn’t know about this Audible.com sale and feel like you missed out, check the free classics page I mentioned above. Some titles may still be available. Simply download the free Kindle classic, then go to Audible.com and download the free audiobook, if it is still free.

I put this website, called Books on the Knob, in my Google Reader. It’s true that many of the site’s posts are about books I’d never buy, never mind read; however, the site is great at letting readers know about free Audible.com downloads. For those who do not wish to pay for a monthly membership at Audible.com, let me share a little secret I discovered. You don’t have to.

Last year, I did the free Audible trial for something like two free audiobook downloads for thirty days. When my trial was over, I simply canceled the Audible membership but kept my account. That’s right—once the trial is over, you can keep your free books and maintain a free Audible.com account.

Seemingly every few months, I learn from Books on the Knob about another free audiobook download at Audible.com. If you’re like me, with too much to read as it is, audiobooks are a great way to get a little help getting through those tougher books.

If you haven’t tried the Audible.com trial, I highly recommend it. Then when the trial is over, keep your account and your ears open for free audiobooks. If you connect with me on Facebook, I’ll be sure to post about freebies as I’m aware of them.

Note: Audible.com did not pay me for my recommendation. I offer this tip only to be of help to those who would love to learn about free audiobooks.

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