Agent Terry Burns on Unclean Speech

I saw this great post and wanted to let my readers know about it. Recently, Christian agent Terry Burns said some great things about publishing that go right along with my series on clean speech. It’s great to hear other voices of reason participating in the discussion. Check out his article, “The Wrong Question.”

Here’s a good quote:

I know bad men use bad language and bad situations occur in real life, but I believe a good writer can show what they want whether it be someone cursing or other non-family-friendly content without actually using the words or showing the action in a graphic manner. And if done well I don’t believe it dilutes the power of the scene. But it does take better writing skills. . . . Never mind what the publisher will or won’t accept, what are we willing to attach our name to? Because when Satan lures us over that line, just a tiny bit, we become one who is condoning it.

Terrific thoughts. Remember, we are accountable to God. Will He be pleased with what we write . . . and condone?

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