Merry Christmas from the Adam Blumer Family

Adam Blumer Family*Don’t forget your free bonus at the end of this letter!

Dear Family and Friends,

Christmas is a precious reminder. Just as Jesus came as a baby, He’ll surely come again. We just don’t know when. So may the Lord find us busy living for Him while on earth.

We had another busy year. Our girls, Laura (11) and Julia (8), have grown several inches and increased in their knowledge of God and life through church, family life, and homeschool. This year we’ve gone with math DVDs for Laura, since that’s not a favorite area for either parent. Both girls excel in piano. This fall they began horseback-riding lessons to feed their horse fixation. They also enjoy trying to keep up with our blue-ticked beagle, Patches.

Kim stayed busy as general secretary for Shalom Ministries, based in Brooklyn, New York. She was key in organizing several Holy Land trips—and all this on top of homeschooling, cooking, shuttling the girls to various activities, and home keeping. Somehow she keeps everything together.

Laura, 11, and Julia, 8During the first half of the year, Adam had a rough time finding steady editing work and was prepared to start looking for a job outside of the home. But in early fall, the Lord opened doors at the self-publishing division of He now has more offered work than he could possibly keep up with, and the pay is better than average, so this has been a blessing for us.

Yes, Adam has a new suspense novel coming out. The Lord willing, The Tenth Plague (Kirkdale Press) will be released as an e-book in January. For updates, visit Adam’s Facebook fan page:

We had some fun this year, too. In June, Kim’s parents took us on a trip to Mackinac Island, which we enjoyed touring by horse-drawn carriage. The girls were especially pleased with the hotel’s waterpark.

On November 2, Kim and I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary (how can it be possible?). This year we enjoyed Thanksgiving with Mom Blumer in Milton, Wisconsin (she’s adjusting well since my dad’s passing last year). Both Kim and I enjoyed participating in our church’s cantata, Promised One. Christmas this year will be with Kim’s parents in Milwaukee (civilization). Both Kim and I have been working long hours and are looking forward to some downtime.

As a special thank you to all our friends, here’s a Christmas gift from our home to yours. Enjoy a free PDF download of deleted scenes from Adam’s first novel, Fatal Illusions. You can save the file and read it on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or other e-reading device of your choice. Enjoy!

May you enjoy a Christ-centered Christmas and a happy New Year!

Adam, Kim, Laura, and Julia Blumer

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