Where Do I Get My Story Ideas?

Jacob Wetterling

Jacob Wetterling (fair use)

Some have asked me where I get my story ideas. I read a lot, but I also watch the news. Crime news is also something I follow, including this latest heartbreaking news (see below) about Jacob Wetterling’s body being found after being missing since 1989. At least his family can now bury his body and find closure after waiting for so many years for him to come home.

Why stories like this? The evil of this world, when depicted tastefully without offense, only makes the gospel of Christ shine brighter, and that’s the contrast (light overcoming darkness) I like to show in my novels.

Here is the latest on Jacob’s killer: http://www.people.com/article/source-danny-heinrichs-plea-deal-approved-by-jacob-wetterlings-parents

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