Did I Correctly Predict the Creation of a Bible/Koran Hybrid?

q-2-cover_-final_-6_1024x1024-1I saw this article this morning, and my eyes widened. If you read The Tenth Plague, my second thriller, you are familiar with my fictional parallel Bible that combines the Bible and the Koran (by the way, Koran is Webster’s first preference for the word). Wow. Somebody just published a book just like that called The Qur’an with References to the Bible.

According to the Religion News Service, “The new translation shows more than 3,000 parallels between the two religious texts in a split-page format. The top of each page is the English translation of the Quran, and the bottom shows the analogous biblical verses, from the New Revised Standard Version — which  account for 40 percent of the book.”

Wow! That’s exactly what I had in mind, and in my novel it was a controversial project, to be sure. Some would see such a project as seeking to create legitimacy for the Koran and minimize the differences between Christianity and Islam. We’ll wait and see how the public responds to it. By the way, this post is not intended to promote the product in any way; I have no idea whether the parallel comparisons are accurate, and I would be concerned about any product that places other sacred writings on the same level as the Bible. One of the authors wrote, “This new translation was designed to be a tool of reconciliation between Muslims and the followers of other Abrahamic religions.”

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